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    • Hoppy

    • Big Mon

      Big Mon

      16oz Draft - $6

      American IPA / 6.3% ABV
      Big Mon is a juicy, bright and balanced American IPA. Made with Centennial Cascade and Mosaic hops.

    • Stitch in Time

      Stitch in Time

      16oz Draft - $6.25

      Imperial Hazy IPA / 8.3% ABV
      Brewed with flaked oats and double dry hopped using Sabro Cryo, Idaho 7 and Cashmere this beer has a luxurious mouthfeel with notes of pineapple and coconut.

    • Shiver and Say

      Shiver and Say

      16oz Draft - $6

      Hazy IPA / 5.5% ABV
      A double dry hopped hazy IPA hopped with Cashmere, Chinook Cryo and Citra.

    • Brett Mon

      Brett Mon

      500ml Bottle - $6

      Brettanomyces IPA / 6.3% ABV
      A primary brett IPA which pumps up the tropical flavors of a west coast style IPA.

    • Up On the Hill

      Up On the Hill

      16oz Draft - $5.75

      Session IPA / 4.5% ABV
      Huge amounts of pale malts and some sugar help make this crisp, dry and chock full of hop aromatics like pineapple, orange peel and pine resin. Mosaic and Galaxy.

    • Cryin' Holy

      Cryin' Holy

      12oz Bottle - $5

      Double IPA / 8.3% ABV
      Huge amounts of pale malts and some sugar help make this crisp, dry and chock full of hop aromatics like pineapple, orange peel and pine resin. Dry hopped with Mosaic, Idaho-7 and Azacca Cryo.

    • Lagers and Pilsners

      Buy a Stein and get any 22oz lager fill for only $12! Each additional 22oz lager pour in your stein is $2 Off. Bring it back in for the same deal.

    • Late to the Party

      Late to the Party

      16oz Draft - $5.75
      22oz Draft - $7.50
      22oz Draft & Glass - $12

      Marzen Style Lager / 5.5% ABV
      A deliciously crisp lager with notes of caramel, dried fruit and pie crust. Festbier or Oktoberfest if you will. Get it in a giant stein!

    • Genuine


      12oz Bottle - $4

      American Light Lager - 4.5% ABV
      Made with malted Drfitless Corn from Epiphany Malt House and classic American hops this is one authentic beer. Smooth malt and corn backbone with a slight hop bite.

    • Dad Fuel

      Dad Fuel

      12oz Bottle - $4

      Lager - Pale - 5.1% ABV
      Malty but crisp with a deft dose of aromatic hops. This is one for anyone who just needs a break from all the rigamarole and tomfoolery out there.

    • Schwarz Hole Sun

      Schwarz Hole Sun

      16oz Draft - $5.

      Schwarz Bier - German Black Lager / 5.5% ABV
      Our take on a traditional black lager, crisp and slightly sweet with mild bitterness.

    • Dark

    • Choco Freakness

      Choco Freakness

      12oz Draft - $6.75
      6oz Draft - $4.50

      Imperial Cocoa Stout / 9.7% ABV
      Brewed with Videri Cocoa Nibs, vanilla and coffee. Big Brash Boozy Chocolatey and Sweet.

    • French Freakness

      French Freakness

      12oz Draft - $6.75
      6oz Draft - $4.50

      French Toast Imperial Sout / 9.7% ABV
      A bunch of roasted malts with flavors of coffee and French Toast. A boozy breakfast beast.

    • No Quarter

      No Quarter

      16oz Draft - $6.25

      Coffee Stout / 7.4% ABV
      Our coffee stout is made with rolled oats and Ethipia Ardi coffee from our friends across the street at Carborro Coffee Roasters.

    • Seasonal

    • Secular Non-Denominational Holiday Ale

      Secular Non-Denominational Holiday Ale

      16oz Draft - $6

      Red Ale/ 7.4% ABV
      This delicious combination of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice will grow your heart three sizes.

    • Goses and Berliners (Quick Sours)

    • Down to Seeds and Stars Again

      Down to Seeds and Stars Again

      12oz Bottle - $4.50

      Watermelon Berliner Weisse - 3.8% ABV
      Made with 30 gallons of water melon juice processed from melons grown on Pluck Farm the site of Steel Strings new Farm Brewery down Highway 54 West. Slightly tart water-melony and very refreshing.

    • Sour / Mixed Culture / Brett

    • Shady Grove

      Shady Grove

      6oz Draft - $5
      12oz Draft - $8
      500ml Bottle - $13

      Raspberry Sour / 6.5% ABV
      Aged for a year in Pinot Noir barrels and fruited with 350lbs of Red Raspberries it has a bright raspberry aroma with flavors of fruit pie and biscuit that finish with a moderate acidity.

    • Mitta


      6oz Draft - $5
      12oz Draft - $8

      Peach Honeysuckle Golden Sour Ale- 6.5%ABV
      This golden unoaked sour, aged on 300 pounds of fresh peaches and foraged honeysuckle is a tribute to our brewers Grandmother.

    • Biological Speculation

      Biological Speculation

      12oz Draft - $8
      6oz Draft - $5.5

      Scuppernong Lager with Honeysuckle / 6.5% ABV
      A burst of white grape and acidity, courtesy of real NC scuppernongs, takes you on a warm weather hike with buzzing katydids.

    • Cider and Wine

    • Unified Press

      Unified Press

      16oz Can - $7.50

      Cider - Traditional - 5.2%ABV
      Classic dry cider.

    • The Dirty Mayor

      The Dirty Mayor

      16oz Can - $7.50

      Cider - Herbed - 5.2% ABV
      Ginger dry cider.

    • The Lake Hopper

      The Lake Hopper

      16oz Can - $7.50

      Cider - Herbed - 6.2% ABV
      Dry Hopped Cider.