Monday – Wednesday
4pm – 12am

Thursday & Friday
2pm – 12am

Saturday & Sunday
12pm – 12am


    • Hoppy

    • Big Mon

      Big Mon

      6 Pack - $13

      American IPA / 6.3% ABV
      Big Mon is a juicy, bright and balanced American IPA. Made with Centennial Cascade and Mosaic hops.

    • Up On the Hill

      Up On the Hill

      6 Pack - $12

      Session IPA / 4.5% ABV
      Huge amounts of pale malts and some sugar help make this crisp, dry and chock full of hop aromatics like pineapple, orange peel and pine resin. Mosaic and Galaxy.

    • Dark

    • No Quarter

      No Quarter

      6 Pack - $12

      Coffee Stout / 7.4% ABV
      Our coffee stout is made with rolled oats and Ethipia Ardi coffee from our friends across the street at Carborro Coffee Roasters.

    • Lagers and Pilsners

      Buy a Stein and get any 22oz lager fill for only $12! Each additional 22oz lager pour in your stein is $2 Off. Bring it back in for the same deal.

    • Dad Fuel

      Dad Fuel

      6 Pack - $10

      Lager - Pale - 5.1% ABV
      Malty but crisp with a deft dose of aromatic hops. This is one for anyone who just needs a break from all the rigamarole and tomfoolery out there.

    • Bottles

      These select bottle beers can be enjoyed at home or on-premises for no extra charge. Please see a bartender to open your bottle.

    • Biological Speculation

      Biological Speculation

      500ml Bottle - $8

      A burst of white grape and acidity, courtesy of real NC scuppernongs, takes you on a warm weather hike with buzzing katydids.

    • Unconditional Skies

      Unconditional Skies

      500mL Bottle - $8

      Fruited Sour / 5% ABV
      Mixed Culture Saison with Maypops. Lime and passionfruit flavors, notes of ripe peach, lime zest and pineapple.

    • Shady Grove Red Raspberry

      Shady Grove Red Raspberry

      12oz Draft - $8.75
      6oz Draft - $6
      500ml Bottle - $13

      Red Raspberry Sour / 7% ABV
      The second 2019 Batch of Shady Grove this sour is rested on huge amounts of local Red Raspberries after being aged in Pinot Noir barrels for a year.

    • Pretty Polly Citra

      Pretty Polly Citra

      500mL Bottle - $10

      American Wild Ale / 7% ABV
      Pretty Polly is a half mixed culture sour ale, dry hopped with citra hops and aged in red wine barrels. It is blended back with a 100% brett saison and fermented entirely in stainless steel. This unique blend results in a hoppy and citrus forward saison that is vinous, dry and complexly fruity.

    • Cider and Wine

    • Unified Press

      Unified Press

      16oz 4 Pack - $13

      Cider - Traditional - 5.2%ABV
      Classic dry cider.

    • The Dirty Mayor

      The Dirty Mayor

      16oz 4 Pack - $13

      Cider - Herbed - 5.2% ABV
      Ginger dry cider.

    • The Lake Hopper

      The Lake Hopper

      16oz 4 Pack - $13

      Cider - Herbed - 6.2% ABV
      Dry Hopped Cider.