About Steel String

Founded in 2011, Steel String Brewery is a small production brewery that serves the community of Carrboro, North Carolina and distributes with a local reach. Our beers focus on making a creative and quality contribution to the craft beer community, providing a product that is made from unique regional specialities. You can find our beer at our Carrboro tap house and at select bottles shops across NC.


Andrew Scharfenberg is Steel String’s gear box, official equipment tinkerer and accounting master. Andrew shows up to make sure everything in the brewery and taproom is working like it should be– when it needs to be. Email him with any questions about our daily operations


eric knight is the insightful architect behind steel string’s welcoming and affable atmosphere. eric’s dedication to hospitality is working behind the scenes to ensure you can always count on friends to accompany your tasty beer. Email Eric with anything relating to your experience with steel string.


Will isley is the head brewer. he diligently works to make sure every drop of steel string represents the best of what a hand crafted and beloved beer can be. Email will if you’d like more info on anything related to our brewing process, or if you have any comments / feedback about our beer.

staffTaproom Staff

Steel String Taphouse wouldn’t be possible without the beer-loving folks who pour your tasty brew in our taproom. Our taproom staff bring the whole thing together. if you are interested in applying to work at steel string, you can write to us.


This friend of steel string is behind our graphic and promotional materials, general design and product packaging. It also built and maintains our website. Charles can be contacted by email or on his website.