This might not be as exciting as a post about…

This might not be as exciting as a post about beer but it is definitely more important. Carrboro and Chapel Hill have for too long had serious issues with poverty, hunger and homelessness. We reside in one of the wealthiest county’s in the region, in the wealthiest nation the world has ever seen. We find the fact that so many of our neighbors are struggling each day with basic necessities to be a great disgrace which wounds our very souls, and an affront to our stated values.

We find ourselves now in a rare moment when these issues are on the forefront of our community’s consciousness and we must use it to make serious progress in alleviating these issues. For the last few months groups of specific interests have been meeting about these issues, and many people felt it was time to have a more inclusive discussion. Steel String offers it’s space as a place to start this community wide discussion.

We invite anyone who wishes to provide their experience, knowledge, ideas, concerns or simple desire to learn more about these critical issues to attend the first conversation on Wednesday January 27th @7pm. This will only be a starting point for greater community engagement.