The Beers From Here banquet is tomorrow! We’ll be pouring…

The Beers From Here banquet is tomorrow! We’ll be pouring Unconditional Skies, a Grisette with Juniper, Rose hips, Maypops and aged on Hickory staves, alongside two other forage inspired beers and a cider. This is the culmination of a project we started thinking about over a year ago, we wanted to connect more with native ingredients that surround us and inspire area Brewers to think creatively about what makes our region unique. Very excited to share the stories these beverages tell. Tickets are available through the link in our profile and proceeds benefit Triangle Land Conservancy.

We want to thank our sponsor Epiphany Craft Malt for helping to make this happen, and our foraging partners Piedmont Picnic Project for sharing their knowledge of our native flora. Last but not least our partner chefs who are feeding us so wonderfully tomorrow night – Vimala’s Curryblossom CafĂ©, Goorsha Durham, The Eddy Pub, East Durham Pie Company .
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