It brings us no joy, but we will not be…

It brings us no joy, but we will not be participating in the Funkatorium Invitational hosted by Wicked Weed, now part of the AB InBev Goliath. Additionally, we will not be having them at this years Cardinal Directions Beer Festival, just over two weeks from now. These were not easy decisions to make. Wicked Weed has done a lot for beer in North Carolina, and we have had nothing but positive experiences working with their staff. Pouring at last years festival was a great experience for us, allowing us to connect, learn, and be inspired by many of the best sour beer producers in the country. The Wicked Weed crew welcomed our small brewery and they have joined us at both of our Sour Barn Bash’s and Cardinal Directions Beer Festival’s. It’s this common spirit of reciprocation and goodwill that makes craft beer such a great community, it’s also a key strategy of how we collectively compete against the unscrupulous macrobreweries who are trying to crush craft beer. Ultimately, it would be a disservice to ourselves and all our craft brethren to support an AB InBev brand moving forward.

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Leif Larson

I thought I saw this one coming. Thank you, Steel String, for being a true locally owned brewery that makes fantastic beers.

Robert Dermer

Glad to hear it. Disappointed in WW for selling out to a company that tries to work against local craft beer.

Erica Greenwold Reisen

It is so heartbreaking and unbelievable that they would turn their backs on the craft community like this. No amount of money or distribution is worth this.

Duke Eidson

Well done. You have taken a stand by your principles while they have abandoned theirs. I applaud you!